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Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About Vladimir Vlahovic

Vladimir Vlahovic Vladimir Vlahovic was born in 1949. Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. Professionally engaged in painting since 1984. Spent a six-month study period in Berlin. Member of the Association of Visual Artists of Serbia (ULUS) since 1995. Had numerous individual and group exhibitions. Lives and works in America .

Analysis of Vlahovic�s translating effort
(translating language of music to the language of painting)
and his expressionistic reading of Gustav Mahler

Having in mind that here, we have comparison of different media and problematical nature of convergence of the art for understanding Vlahovic�s artistic interpretation of Mahler�s music, it�s necessary to scrutinize the thoughts of Theodor Adorno regarding this subject.
Namely, Adorno confronted, in parallel, linguistic elements of painting (he had in mind, first of all, music). Adorno�s theory is based on the idea that Mahler abstracts and reifies the material of the romantic Austro-Hungarian music tradition, a language considered to be exhausted, and he makes it speak again for a second time. Adorno sees Mahler's Mannerism not as a desperate attempt at achieving goals analogous to the previous composers of his epoch, whose language he rearticulates for a second time, but as a treatment of form that speaks for itself. By that, Mahler obtains what was later adopted by the emancipated dissonance of Expressionism.
Adorno at Mahler sees �frozen gesture� which is the most apparent in raptures and intersections. Precisely these, broken and fragmentary musical passages are the basis of Vlahovic�s abstract group of paintings inspired by listening Mahler�s music, and they can be found also in Vlahovic�s semi-abstractions hidden in the texture of treetops, rocks and snow. Great canvases of �frozen gesture�, diptychs, empower space for new, different, dynamic reading of Vladimir Vlahovic.
Biljana Sikimic PhD.

In search of harmony I try to express - by way of fine art - the permeation among the dimensions of space and time, color and sound, painting and music. 

Paintings are created by conversion of the emotional charge found within one musical part through unrestrained application of color onto the canvas with an effect of uncontrollable development that creates the elementary being of my work. 

By intervening reflexively later I end up the creative process. 

My works are necesarily abstract as such is the music in its essence. 

If symphonies of Gustav Mahler could be recognized in the exhibited works, it would mean that musical accords are ringing out as the bloodstream of artwork.

Vladimir Vlahovic